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Ureteral Balloon Dilator

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Used for Ureteral Dilation prior to ureteral stone manipulation
or ureteroscopy and dilation of the intramural ureter

– Radiopaque markers indicate the proximal and distal ends of the balloon for fluoroscopy placement
– Tri fold balloon with low profile thus can be used for maximum no. of procedures
– Short tapered distal tip allows close approach to ureteral stone
– Made up of High strength material with excellent refolding characteristics
– Inflation pressure up to 16 ATM
– Provides effective & Uniform Dilation

URETERAL-BAL (Box of 1 unit)

Balloon Length
Shaft Length
Guide Wire
7893111540 5mm 40cm 75cm .035″ 5Fr.
7893111640 6mm 40cm 75cm .035″ 5Fr.
7893111560 5mm 60cm 75cm .035″ 5Fr.
7893111660 6mm 60cm 75cm .035″ 5Fr.

*Transuteroscopy Balloon available also on request (3.8Fr Shaft)