RETRIEVE Jamshidi Bone Marrow Biopsy System

Product details

RETRIEVE Bone marrow biopsy system are designed to provide quality biopsies following the classical Jamshidi procedure.

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– Cannula with 5 cutting edges to facilitate penetration
– Stylet with trocar point for smoother entry into the marrow
– Luer lock hub
– Provided with a special cap for a safe removal of the sample
– Available with Explant Version: 5 lateral holes on the external cannula and additional stylet (Code RDSE)

RETRIEVE Bone Marrow Biopsy

(Box of 5 units)

RDS 0810 8G x 10cm
RDS 0815 8G x 15cm
RDS 0910 9G x 10cm
RDS 0915 9G x 15cm
RDS 1110 11G x 10cm
RDS 1115 11G x 15cm
RDS 1307 13G x 7cm
RDS 1310 13G x 10cm
RDSE 1110 11G x 10cm, Explant/transplant version
RDSE 1310 13G x 10cm, Explant/transplant version