MIELO-AD Disposable Mallarmé Trocar Needle

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MIELO-AD Disposable Mallarmé Trocar Needle to be used either in the sternum or iliac crest.

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– Triple sharpened tip cannula to allow a non traumatic, fast and easy penetration into the bone marrow cavity
– Fits in the palm of the hand

MIELO-AD Bone Marrow Biopsy

(Box of 10 units)

MTN 1503 15G x 3cm
MTN 1505 15G x 5cm
MTN 1506 15G x 6cm
MTN 1602 16G x 2cm
MTN 1603 16G x 3cm
MTN 1603 16G x 5cm
MTN 1606 16G x 6cm
MTN 1802 18G x 2cm
MTN 1803 18G x 3cm
MTN 1805 18G x 5cm
MTN 1806 18G x 6cm
MTN 2002 20G x 2cm
MTN 2003 20G x 3cm
MTN 2005 20G x 5cm