ISTO-CORE Biopsy Needle Menghini

Product details

Histological Aspiration biopsy needle with Menghini modified technique


– Syringe of 10cc with self-locking system to secure biopsy specimen
– Echogenic tip, ensuring accurate ultrasound placement
– Sliding stop and centimeter division promoting accurate depth placement
– Ultra thin sharpened cannula with trocar stylet for a quick and painless percutaneous insertion

ISTO-CORE Biopsy Needle

(Box of 5)

ICA 1810 18G x 10cm
ICA 1815 18G x 15cm
ICA 1910 19G x 10cm
ICA 1915 19G x 15cm
ICA 2107 21G x 7cm
ICA 2110 21G x 10cm
ICA 2115 21G x 15cm