HYSTO SYSTEM II Disposable Automatic System

Product details

With two programmable firing modes, these lightweight automated systems give you the precise control and quality sampling capability you need when working with calcified or fibrous lesions.


It can be easily operated with one hand, making it ideal for procedures requiring ultrasound guidance

– Large 20 mm sample notch
– Echogenic tip for accurate placement under ultrasound guidance
– Two fire trigger and one end operation
– Can be used with echogenic co-axial introducer needles
– One-handed operation for convenient manipulation of guidance device (ultrasound transducer).

HYSTO SYSTEM ii Disposable Automatic Biopsy Needle (Box of 10 units)

HSB 1410 14G x 10cm
HSB 1416 14G x 16cm
HSB 1420 14G x 20cm
HSB 1610 16G x 10cm
HSB 1616 16G x 16cm
HSB 1620 16G x 20cm
HSB 1810 18G x 10cm
HSB 1816 18G x 16cm
HSB 1820 18G x 20cm
HSB 1825 18G x 25cm
HSB 2010 20G x 10cm
HSB 2016 20G x 16cm
HSB 2020 20G x 20cm