Galactography Needles

Product details

Galactography kit and set are designed to perform safe and effective contrast Media enhanced radiography of the mammary ducts


Galactography Kit
– Syringe of 1cc
– Dilators and injection cannula have blunt ends
– Dilators are color coded for easy diameter identification
– Injection cannula with curved tip to facilitate insertion
Galactography Set
– Injection cannula have curved blunt end
– 20cm pvc tube with a transparent luer lock hub
– 2 additional Dilators (code 62127)

Galactography Needle (Box of 10 units)

52024 24G, Galactography kit
52027 27G, Galactography kit
62027 27G, Galactography set
62127 27G, Galactography set with 2 dilators