Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Biopsy Needle

Product details

Fine needle aspiration for cytological and histological evaluation



– Sharpened cannula for a safe and painless insertion and penetration
– Available with echogenic tip, ensuring accurate ultrasound placement
– Sliding stop and centimeter division promoting accurate depth placement
– Centimeter marking and color coded for identification.

Chiba Biopsy Needle

(Box of 10)

Franseen Biopsy Needle

(Box of 10)

CNA 1809 18G x 9cm
CNA 1815 18G x 15cm
CNA 1820 19G x 20cm
CNA 2009 20G x 9cm
CNA 2015 20G x 15cm
CNA 2020 20G x 20cm
CNA 2209 22G x 9cm
CNA 2215 22G x 15cm
CNA 2220 22G x 20cm
CNA 2309 23G x 9cm
CNA 2509 25G x 9cm

FRA 1809 18G x 9cm
FRA 1815 18G x 15cm
FRA 1820 19G x 20cm
FRA 2009 20G x 9cm
FRA 2015 20G x 15cm
FRA 2020 20G x 20cm
FRA 2209 22G x 9cm
FRA 2215 22G x 15cm
FRA 2220 22G x 20cm




Westcott Biopsy Needle

(Box of 10)

WES 1809 18G x 9cm
WES 1815 18G x 15cm
WES 1820 19G x 20cm
WES 2009 20G x 9cm
WES 2015 20G x 15cm
WES 2020 20G x 20cm
WES 2209 22G x 9cm
WES 2215 22G x 15cm
WES 2220 22G x 20cm