COR Full Core Biopsy Needle

Product details

Disposable Full Core Biopsy Needle compatible with F-COR1 & F-COR2


– Echogenic markings facilitate precise ultrasound positioning.
– Centimeter depth markings assist in needle placement
– FULL CORE Specimen 13-20mm length
– Spacer included
– Up to 50% more tissue volume than traditional core biopsy devices that use side-notch technology

TRI Full Core Biopsy Needle Biopsy

(Box of 10)

COR 1410 14G x 10cm
COR 1416 14G x 16cm
COR 1420 14G x 20cm
COR 1610 16G x 10cm
COR 1616 16G x 16cm
COR 1620 16G x 20cm
COR 1810 18G x 10cm
COR 1816 18G x 16cm
COR 1820 18G x 20cm
COR 1825 18G x 25cm
COR 2010 20G x 10cm
COR 2016 20G x 16cm
COR 2020 20G x 20cm