Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle (BMHR )

Product details

BMHR Bone marrow Aspiration system to be used either in the sternum or iliac crest.

Ergonomic handle allow a better grip during procedure.

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– Triple sharpened tip cannula
– Luer lock hub
– Ergonomic handle for better grip during procedure
– An adjustable, removable needle stop safety controls depth of penetration

BMHR Bone Marrow Aspiration (Box of 5 units)

BMHR 1501 15G x 14-48mm
BMHR 1503 15G x 30-64mm
BMHR 1601 16G x 14-48mm
BMHR 1603 16G x 30-64mm
BMHR 1801 18G x 14-48mm
BMHR 1803 18G x 30–64mm